What Is FantasyGol?
FantasyGol is a daily fantasy soccer provider and all of the FantasyGol games are games
of skill offered legally in the USA.

Compete daily for cash and prizes by depositing real money, or play in free contests daily
where you can win real cash. Term and conditions apply, please visit the FantasyGol
webpage for details.
Why FantasyGol?
Do you like soccer? Do you like money? Put the two together and you can win money while watching futbol! Play in the unique games at FantasyGol where you can win cash by acting as a general manager in fantasy soccer. It's FUN, it's FREE, and it's LEGAL!
  • Play Free or Paid Contests and Win Real Money
  • Daily, Weekly, and Season-Long Contests
  • Lightning Fast Payouts and Support
  • 100% Legal, 100% Awesome
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FantasyGol is a daily fantasy soccer, weekly fantasy soccer, and season long fantasy soccer provider. All of our games are games of skill offered legally in the USA and Canada. Compete daily for cash prizes by depositing real money, or play in our daily freerolls; free contests in which you can earn real cash prizes. Utilize our salary cap draft format to compete in weekly fantasy soccer, daily fantasy soccer, and other daily fantasy soccer contests and tournaments. The salary cap draft format is different than the traditional snake draft format. Draft a new team every day of each sports season, enter real money and free games daily, and earn real money by collecting your winnings at the end of each night!

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You have been restricted from playing real money games. Please contact support for more information.
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